Sunday, January 24, 2010

Treasure Your Life
1/24/2010 09:11:00 PM

Treasure Your Life

I wasn't gonna write about it.. but it's still buzzing in my mind. I still can't imagine how it'd be losing the people I love in one blink. You see, I used to put it this way; the script in movies are always made up.. sometimes they get too exaggerated -- and yes, I used to think those explosions in action films and those cliche romance, are average things that happen in every movie.. and aren't things that they take up from reality (not exactly unlikely to happen in real life but you know when you find those movie-trademark acts).

I used to think of death that way. Death used to be so far from my surrounding up until my grandparents' death and my uncle's lethal sickness. It all becomes so real now. Furthermore, having to hear what had happened to my close friends last night, I take back my theory about movies. So they do apply to real life, like they literally happen, mostly taken from actual happenings.

I begin to believe more that death happens. Anytime God wants it to. How ever you think it probably won't anytime soon. But we have to face the fact, it happens.

The phone call I got last night gave me a sudden shock. They got in an accident. A serious car crash. Come to think of how their car could land upside down, I panicked. All those movie scenes came dashing through my mind (frankly, that was what I had in mind). It's hard for me to say this, but it was a near-death experience. They could've died just like that. So I THANK GOD they're still given the chance to live. I don't know how else I can describe this. I won't feel collected until I see them (which until now I haven't). Until I meet them.

That was one other instance to make me realize life isn't that static after all. Sometimes we do have to go through explosions, saving others life from fire, some corny romance, and typical high school dramas. Even the wildest things could happen to anyone of us. Maybe we are playing in a movie. A movie where we don't know the plot and what happens ahead of us. Have you ever thought of it that way?

Another lesson I've learned is that we have to be thankful for whatever chance we're given. Even the smallest chances. You never know what fate brings. You never now when you'll fall. And most of all, be thankful for the life you're given. No matter how things go wrong.. know there's always someone who goes through worse times, even though there are also a lot of people who seem to own a better life. I tell you, sometimes those people also come across the thought of how they're life isn't the best, they do feel somewhere in the middle too sometimes. I hope you do believe in Nobody's perfect.

Don't waste your tears! Smile while you can. Tell people you love them, while you can. Make your parents proud while you can. Apologize to ones you've hurt while you can. You name it, the list can go on forever. But the one thing that's got to be written is: Enjoy every single second of life... while you can!