Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've always adored lots of different professions. I believe that the biggest motivation that leads to success in anything is how much you enjoy what you do. You know when you've got potential when you know you love or at least going to love what you're going to do.

As in for me, majoring in architecture, I've known from the very start that I would enjoy studying it. I just know, without having the slightest idea of what architects actually do. Well all I knew was, they design buildings. But later on I discovered; no, they don't. It's a lot more than that. They create spaces. That would mean it's definitely not only about design. In fact, it involves a lot more thinking and problem solving than design. How was I to know? Then after I put some thoughts to it, I realized I never had much desire to actually create buildings, I was only armed with my fondness of architecture these days. Was that enough? It sure was. Apparently, though I believe this is the right track for me, I come along with doubts of being an architect in the future, let alone the doubt of becoming anything else. All I know for now is, as long as I enjoy what I do, I'll get there. Wherever 'there' is.

Anyway, back to different professions. There are these certain dream jobs I've always pictured myself doing. Of course, considering my talents, knowledge and chances today, I don't see myself getting near those jobs anytime soon, or ever. Although, some are merely adorations to me.

1. National Geographic Photographer
I keep imagining how it'd be like travelling to awesome different places, giving good practice to my little eyes to open up to tiny little things that are least noticeable yet so interesting. Feeling the thrills up my spine when discovering new people, new culture, new creatures, and even 'new' history. Gawd, just writing this very bit of description feels so amazing. DAMMIT I'm talking about exploring the world, our earth, the planet, and everything in it here, lads!

2. Supermodel
If only I were as pretty. If only my height weren't such a threat. Taken pictures of at cool places and unique settings. Try out awesome outfits from different famous expensive designers and walk your heart out in them. Fly here and there. And you get to be famous. Though I'm not that fond of the famous part. I might be a Next Top Model watcher-victim. Dear me.

By the way, that explains it. Being a photographer and a model are just as awesome. I know.

4. Pilot
I adore pilots. I mean the profession. I must feel incredible flying. You get to see all the land and water in a different perspective. Not forgetting the fluffy clouds you pass by. You get to see how great our land is from above. How I picture pilots take care of take offs and landings, dealing with all kinds of different buttons, ah that's so cool. Moreover, their uniforms makes them look so clean and so important. It just seems like such a high class job. And better yet, travel the world for free!! Haha. But I don't think I'd ever like to have a pilot as a husband. It's scary how they always leave you. And up til now, I still get a little paranoid at take offs and turbulences.

5. Chef
No, I cannot cook. Yet. But it seems fun to make dishes that taste good, experiment with different ingredients, and organize the plate's decoration. From baking to cooking. I mean, I always thought of cooking as a form of art. It seems like you need the passion and the creativity to make such dishes. Then it comes to owning your own store or restaurant. I know its ridiculous how I think of how much fun it'd be, yet I'm not any close to being eager to learn how to cook. At least not anytime soon. Oh yeah, and plus plus for chocolatiers!!! They get the best taste-testing ever!

6. Film Directors
I don't know much about filmery. But making movies always looked so interesting.

7. Doctors
Another one of those jobs that I adore, yet never have I come across the thought of becoming one. I never wanted to be a doctor, the job that's highly favored especially in this darn country. The thought of me as a doctor scares me. I keep thinking of all the responsibilities I'd have to go through, and how someones life could lie in your hand. But I like how doctors look. They look so smart, clean, and from the point of view of a patient, doctors look like lifesavers. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either.

8. Architect?
I don't dream of being an architect any more, honestly. It has become a reality to me somehow. I feel like I'm already being sucked in to the world of architecture. I just hope to get the best of it. I used to see architects as people who have great minds, merging shapes into something you can walk through and live in, making them look attractive, yet functional. Architectures today amaze me. The reason I wanted to take up architecture was I want to be one of those people who could actually create those awesome buildings someday, knowing I've never had the talent and ability to draw any form of building, ever, before.

When I was 10, I used to picture my dream house(es), and started by arranging rooms, certain areas, its circulation, and put it down on a piece of paper, looking like a house plan. But I couldn't really draw the exteriors. I've always been poor at drawing buildings other than houses that consists of a pyramid-shaped roof and it's boxed-shape body with a few windows and a wooden door. Then there would hang a swing on the tree nearby and wooden pencil-shaped fences. Let's say the typical houses a child would draw. Seriously, until nearly about a year before I entered architecture school. Talk about ridiculous, huh? Still around that age, I also enjoyed imagining all the clothes I'd like to wear, so I started drawing people wearing clothes I thought I designed and all. Oh my childhood was so full of imagination, I miss it so much. I'm just in lack of it now.

Anyway, I still don't think being an architect is the best job in this world, yet i hope and i think it might just be the right one for me. For now. And always have, actually. But I know I'm scared. I knew it would be a lot more complex than I thought, but... despite enjoying studying it, I don't know if I want it as bad. There I said it. But for now, it's all I have in mind and it's what's in front of me. Seriously, it's all I have in mind. I can't imagine myself doing anything else that's real and possible. I'm not the only one, am I?

Good job, Mate.
7/07/2011 04:37:00 PM

Good job, Mate.