Thursday, March 8, 2012


Repeating the words that got tossed to my face..
How they barged in, trying to get to my senses,
But only a few made it there.
With no room for hope but rather enough for suspense
It wasn't getting anywhere

Free falling, shakes and trembles
How I never thought I would see such motions
A surprise for a show of fragility
The air danced in party of bursting emotions
Feeling lifted, carried further from reality
But no, the heart knows that you're actually drawn closer

The sunrise I had in mind hid behind another mountain
That mountain may belong to you, I suppose
For you see much more light on that other side
Speaks of confusion, but showing wills to impose
Knowing you must, but still buried in fright
What did you expect me to do?

Have you come across how my theories work?
In the end, still looking for something to blame
Because I was demanded to obey and believe
What's best based on your previous shame
At all cause neither ways trot to relieve
So what's the use of all this rain?

You know, you want, you think.
They know more, they say they told me so.
I knew nothing. Still knows nothing.
Except for questions and wonders,
asks of plots and aims of the show.

But there's no use to continue the bawl
Poor behavior and mental friction
Creates the idea that came from an oddball
Hence permanent contradiction
Is the reason to approve the fall
But why am I still to whine in distress?

I still know what I want.
I still want what I wanted.
Without thinking what I would really want
Once I wake up to reality

So hurry and shock me
Make me jump out of this armed seat
I'm overwhelmed in defeat
But the buckles are loosened one by one
A little more, then they'll let me run

So I start to brighten as I hold
Preparing for the go
Although everything's still cold
I settle for a good night sleep
Strengthening the will to break this mold
Trying to.. want nothing more to keep
Even for a moment so young, barely deep

3/08/2012 09:54:00 AM


Sunday, March 4, 2012

This year started out so well, it feels somewhat faulty. Expectations no longer disappoint me. I've learned to cope with worries that cause panic. Closest ones are still dependable. Point is, less things burden me. But how come I still look up to the cons on every good thing? They do say, man can never live up to satisfaction.

I've always been an observer. I hold critiques inside me. That's probably why I get too sensitive and get easily worried most of the time. I think too much of negative possibilities. I think a lot of how things should and should not be. But in some way, I believe this helps to turn to a better understanding person. But it sucks to judge so much. And it sucks to think about people's judgments so often. That is what I have realized. Lately, I have cared too much about what people may think of what I do, who I'm with, what I think, and how I act. I need to catch up with myself. This thing inside me is half full, rather than half empty.
3/04/2012 12:33:00 PM