Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've been sick these last 3 days. It started with a high fever, and I'm not liking it. Not the right timing at all.. I'm supposed to be off to Jogja on Monday evening.. so I better get weeeeell soooooon! Oh God, please let me.

So today I'm actually taking care of my boredom. I was digging through my old stuff. I found some things I created years ago... It's funny you know, some of them make me go 'whoa was that me who made it?!' that could mean from.. ew to that's coolness! or just this is damn nonsense. But honestly, I haven't been really poetic or to be exact really creative... these last few years. These old things I found remind me I used to always write down my thoughts and feelings anyhow.. usually they were songs for people I love, or even sketches of people I hate (I know too much for me to even care). Well I just wanna share some.. *darn it i lost the date on most of it

Note: some may be a little gushy and wtf-y but oh well.. I'm 16 now, and how old was I a few years ago? :)

Ich kann dich nicht vergessen, du bist immer in meinen gedanken; a
lle gedanken in meinem kopf werden mit bildern von dir abgebildet,
... Es kommt einfach zu mir um mich zu belästige
n weil es mir scmerzt wenn ich and dich denke.. Aber irgendwie, gibt es mir einen grund zum weinen, zum leben, und zu lieben.
Obwohl di ehrinnerungen nicht erzetzt w
erden können, kann ich immer noch lächeln wenn ich mich and deine lächeln erinnere.Danke dass du mich bemerkt hast, obwohl ich es nie realisiert habe. du warst der einzige der mich zum tiefsten loch bewahrt hat. Du hast mir auf geholfen, du hast mich unterhalten, du hast mich wieder zum lächeln gebracht!

Can't believe I really felt that way.. I mean when I read it now.. it seems soo... deep. Like I sank into my feelings.. whoa. For whoever that was.. I don't understand what you had, man.. ckck.


I'm inside this circle
A forever-lasting
Only breakable by a miracle
And it's such a fogged up scenery

I always thought I was happy
But there would always be som
ething missingMaybe I need a therapy
Critics don't make me feel alright
I'll travel throu
gh space
And when I come bac
Everything better be back in place


I'll scribble on my wall
Cause that's how you can tell
Whether or not I'm crazy..

Trip me and let me

Then I can tell
If I'm standing on solid ground
Take it or leave it all
Then let's go and see
If you'd turn around

Seal your lips,
I know you're trying to thi
nk of excuses
No words ski
You're trying to distract me with muses
But'm not gonna fall for that


Pointless, Thoughtless, I guess
1/24/2009 11:02:00 AM

Pointless, Thoughtless, I guess