Sunday, March 23, 2014

The sounds, the movements.. they surround me
At first they dance, ungracefully.
Then, before I could process an image,
I feel flashes, bright flashes strike my eyes
These individuals are needles trying to prick me
They leave me dazed as they present their show around me
Funny how I take up much horror as they glide peacefully
My head orders to grin, but I feel the face scrimage
With hate and doubt, how will good rise?

The sky, the ground.. nothing in between
All I see is the flashing
All I feel is myself and the sharp touches
Well how nice, at least I can feel myself.

All I do is wait here.
I wait.
I mute myself.
My mind wanders off to to pick up an amusing finding.
My lips start to follow orders.
Oh. I think I'm staying.
Rather would I.
Here. In Dream.
3/23/2014 01:32:00 AM