Sunday, March 23, 2014

The sounds, the movements.. they surround me
At first they dance, ungracefully.
Then, before I could process an image,
I feel flashes, bright flashes strike my eyes
These individuals are needles trying to prick me
They leave me dazed as they present their show around me
Funny how I take up much horror as they glide peacefully
My head orders to grin, but I feel the face scrimage
With hate and doubt, how will good rise?

The sky, the ground.. nothing in between
All I see is the flashing
All I feel is myself and the sharp touches
Well how nice, at least I can feel myself.

All I do is wait here.
I wait.
I mute myself.
My mind wanders off to to pick up an amusing finding.
My lips start to follow orders.
Oh. I think I'm staying.
Rather would I.
Here. In Dream.
3/23/2014 01:32:00 AM


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I know I haven't written much.  I've realized I haven't typed a single word this past year. So I thought I could get a use of my mind, recalling highlights of 2013. I honestly thought nothing much had happened last year. It wasn't much of a roller coaster ride as 2012 was. The way I see it now, it wasn't so bad. Radically, everything was in its place, I just had to figure out the right time with the right steps in keeping them together. Anyway, trying to sum up the steady year I've had, I noticed its own ride. It may not be a coaster or a log flume ride nor a boring carousel, but it could be a somewhat enjoyable ferris wheel, with a great view and great company. So here are some of those great views:

The little difference 2013 had to offer was how most of the obstacles came out around the end. Unlike the years before where there were so many things to bump into throughout the year, the year just had to give a punch through the last 3 months, letting it set up an incredible ending. When I say incredible, I do mean full of gratitude.

I've learned how happy love could me feel, how necessary perseverance is, and how achievements wouldn't seem so great without knowing how to struggle. I've received sincere helping hands, which mostly came from people I least expect. The thought tickles me, daring me to smile. Thank you. I hope this kaleidoscopic tones of grey could make up for my shameful hiatus over the year.

I am considering on making a thoughtful list of resolution, but I'd like for it to be written in another way. But hey, I'll tell you one; write more. Well then, bring it, 2014!


The 12 in 13
1/01/2014 11:50:00 PM

The 12 in 13