Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I see people struggle to win themselves a place for their future
Yet there’s people who still can’t sense how close the borderline is
and choose to stick with their playtime and defer accomplishments

I envy people who get what they want and clearly not what they need without even having to make an effort to earn it
Yet there’s people who strive for it expecting all the hard work would pay off but just to find they didn’t work hard enough to get it

I find that friends could love you just the same as lovers could, or could care more
Yet I don’t get why there’s people obsessed with love, assuring themeselves that without being with a lover, you’d be stuck with loneliness

I know people who pretty much have enough things to be content with
Yet they keep messing with others to get more of what they already have, not considering of how that would negatively affect the person

I sense people who secretly dislike others and often talk behind their backs
Yet they smile widely and give hugs to them when they’re around

I see people who takes advantages of cyberspace especially those social networks
Yet they pretend to forget that there’s reality and what to do with it

I keep hearing people complain about anything at all
Yet it’s clear enough they would regret having complained about it

I feel like people shift apart in circles
Yet they only come to other circles when they’re desperately in need

People. The world. Ever thought about more shame for us all to fall into?
Needless to say, I may be drowning in one or more of these. You definitely are too. 
Then who would reach out a hand to get us all out?

4/25/2012 02:17:00 AM