Monday, February 9, 2009

My Head's a Fishtank
2/09/2009 07:12:00 PM

My Head's a Fishtank

It was only a glance
I started to observe
The unfamiliar cold in my nerve
began to spread and rush and prance

Still I couldn't define
What was in you or what you had
That kept me wondering, got me mad
Must've been catchy, must've shined

It had to be grand
In some way I can't put to sense
Though there's something my heart's against
Still, foreign whispers tell me you're a worthy brand

I stare at walls and shut windows
Blinded and locked too long in shadows
Your cons mean not a single thing
When one thing shows you're an adorable being
I forget the ugly and all the rest
Somehow you won't slip to second best

Even if you throw blades along with your words
Even if you ignore or pretend and act absurd
Or if you only put me as a crumb in your cookie
If I'd know you're trying to let me know I won't be lucky

And if right this second I wish I could hate you,
I wish I could've taken a careful look at the ground
So I wouldn't have fallen, fallen for you

I wish you weren't so amazing,
how's that sound?
Your smile's fire, fire blazing,
how's that sound?
Pictures of you in mind
Fantasy spins me round
When is it will you find
I care in such an amount

Will one day you'll do the same?
Or do I have to just keep my walk in shame?

I can see you smile
from all the way accross the sea
And I feel lifted for a while
Your voice is such an alert
A call for attention that hits me
I have response to blurt
But I guess, you'll never ask for it
Not from me

You make me enjoy this
Even if all I get is the same pace
The same things happen each day
all over again

You make me adjust to this
Just by seeing your bright face
You could simply make my day
then it's over again

I can't imagine myself stop
You're still what's on top
And you're not just for fun
The past insults you've done
Were easily washed away
By one single smile
How I wish for you to go away
But I'd have to wait a long while

Oh i so think my head's like a fishtank. With all the fishes swimming around in different directions - that would be my thoughts. Why have I been thinking too much about everything lately?
Anyway, Japri also inspired me somehow with all his song listings. Go J!


dijelennon said...

Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Reminds Me Of You by The Ramones ndra! haha